July month 2009 In Bangladesh.I got just married.I was in Chittagong.My husband came from U.S.A. My husband name is Sunny.We will go to Dhaka in my cousin house.We left Chittagong early morning to reach my cousin house soon .We reached in Dhaka at 1.00am at night.The name of the area is Magbazar. It was a new area of Dhaka familiar with new town. Oh one interesting thing let me know to all of you that now Dhaka is divided into two town named old town and new town.The house was to much old and mysterious.They lived at least 10 years in this house. Now i  am going to tell you the story simply.What happened with me in this house.
After a long journey i was so tired and ready for bath.Enough neat and clean bathroom.I bath bath for long time.Middle of my bath my cloth fall down from hanger.Then i took it  carefully and put it on hanger.After my bath  i noticed that the bathroom door was unlocked.Then i could not understood that i did not lock the door?. I got much anger on my self and tried to remember that did i lock the door.

My cousin got up early in the morning.I could not heard any sound of her from my room.One day morning i heard a sound and got up from sleep and saw that my bedroom door was open and sun light came inside my room.But last night i was much sure about locked my bed room door.Then i push my husband and said ''did you open the door''. My husband Sunny replied''no''because he got up from sleep now.After that incident i got much scared and did not understood that  now what will i do.Then i told everything to my husband .But he ignore the matter by laughing.After that many more time my clothes fall down from hanger and  more than two times the bathroom door was unlocked  automatically.All these things got me very  much afraid which i had never faced  in my life before.

Another night incident. It was to much hot reason of autumn season .I was watching the television alone in my room.On that time i felt that some one was in veranda and would be a child.Then i ran away from my room and said to sunny that someone is in veranda who following me.Sunny ashamed me by replied''not only you ,everyone of the house know about all these things.[HAUNTED HOUSE]

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