THE TOY'S 'R' US GHOST

  Ghost. We know them in different type of name  like witch,monster ,dead soul and zombie,evil. it is true that Ghost live in our world.So lets go we watch some scary picture of ghost-

The toys 'R' US in Sunny Valley .A young man named john, and that is him leaning against the wall in the photo above. This photo was taking during a TV filming of the show That's incredible , and no one   who was in the room at the time  saw the human, then yet he turned up on the  photograph.

Psychics like the renowned  Sylvia Brown  have visited  the store multiple times and have conducted seances in which they found out john's name,etc .The story is that john was  a preacher  and a ranch hand back in the 1880's on the land  where the store now sits. Reports of how he died vary , but the general  consensus is that he bled to death while chopping wood.

Employee's of the TRU say  that MR. john often  plays pranks  on them and on customers ,including  following those people into the Ladies'  room and turning  on the water faucets, tossing dolls  off the shelf .and whispering employee's  names in their own ear, only to have  turn and see their were no one standing  near them.

All the party women watch the Gothic scene what happened with them on that night.

                THE BACK SIT GHOST

 In our real life we heard many ghost story .It is true ghost live in our universe.Now i will show you some proof of it.

In 1959, England  a young  woman  named  Mabel Chinnery was visiting the grave of her mother in a British graveyard when she  took a picture of her husband who was waiting alone in the car. It was not  Mrs. Chinnery had  alone in the film  developed that they realized her husband   had not been waiting single after all.The picture shows a  old person  wearing black dresses and black glasses sitting in the back sit, and Mrs. Chinnery  immediately noticed the women that was her mother -- the mother whose grave    she had  just  visited.

A famous American photographic expert who examined that  the print determined the image of the women was 

neither a reflection nor a double  exposure ,even going so far as to stake this reputation  on the fact that  the picture of back sit woman is  genuine.A photo expert examined it  for a British newspapers and declared  the photo  to be authentic.


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