In my ghost blog I have written many type of ghost stories.Some are Gothic, Some are too much horror, some are funny and some are very scary. In all of my posts I wrote about zombie,witch ,monster and  ghost and dead soul now to-day  I am going to meet you with an interesting ghost a ghost of grandfather. I will be show you a prove  photo of it and I hope that from this real ghost photo you can find the grand father's ghost easily.So let's go for it.Find the ghost of grand father. oh one thing I want to let to you all This ghost of grand father photo was checking by many famous photographer for its reality prove but all the famous photographer declared that the photo is real and there were not any fault of camera or anything.after it's prove many news paper post this photo and interesting article about this ghost picture.It was on time talk of the time matter in Australia .

In before we heard many story about different type of ghost .Now i am going to meet you with a relative ghost. It likes something different.So lets go for it.

Denis Russel a young man , lived with his join family. A happy family. Russel had a grand mother his grand father dead before.  Denis Russel's grand mother is 90 plus age-old women.This story happened with his grand mother. Denis Russel  took a photo of his grand mother in 1997. After died of
her ' husband granny lived independently in to her 90's, and during a family picture before her died, Dennis snapped this picture .No one noticed the man standing behind her granny who dead  after  few years , but when all of them  finally noticed him they recognized  him none other than Denise,s grand father who had been dead since in 1984 in season of autumn.

This old back and white  photos of his grandfather confirmed their suspicious.Try to find keenly you can catch the ghost easily in this ghost picture.It is a real ghost story which happened in America in 1997.So believe it or not it will depend on you.

My statement 
I could not understand why Grand father's ghost [showed on photo] return back to his family photo.It is might be that the Grandfather loves his wife [Grandmother] very much.Reason of pure love after the death of grandfather he could not forget his loving wife, and return back to stay with his wife and family.

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