It is a true story of  a 22 years old boy. Which happened with him. Now I am going to tell you the real horror story.In 1990 in England . A British boy named James .
His father was very rich man and a punter. His father died in 1988 when James 20. After  2 years of his father  dead  James was moody boy of 22. He was very courageous man all his friend 

known. His family was very rich and he had a big house of his own. He had  a habit that he changed his house year after year.
He lived alone in those house. It was his hobby. One day he choose a big house like palace. The manager of the house told him not to bought the house because this house had lots of problem. After 12 o,clock strangers things happened in this house .Sometime a loud sound of laugh came from kitchen, some time felt shout of  walking and sound of crying.Then the manager told James the real story .A man called Jonson lived here with his family.One day Jonson and his wife killed by his own son Ben. From that day many stranger things happened in this house.James heard every thing and replied manager that '' nothing will be happening,it might be a joke. '

The manager sold the house to James. James begin to live in this house. 2 days gone  James  found nothing and thought it was a great joke at all. Third night  James heard a sound of laugh came from kitchen. He  went to kitchen  and saw nothing.Next day same time he heard a sound of cry  came in front his attest bathroom. James woke up from sleep and walk towards the bathroom and found a black cat lied down.Then James go back to his bed and tried to sleep.When his eyes got closed  he saw a bloody dead body stand in front him and tried to say something.then James got scared much and run at the door.He saw a boy laughing with his broken neck stand on the door.Then James shout and hide himself in bathroom.When he looked at the mirror in his bathroom he saw the man seeing him with much anger and when James saw backward he found nothing.Then he  tried to get out of the house and success.James took his cell phone and called his family and told all the story to his family to get out of here.


After called his family James return to his bed room . And tried to sleep until his family comes. suddenly at mid night he woke up from sleep and  saw a bloody head less  dead body of a woman stood in front of his face. James felt very scary and sense less.

Next day morning Jame's  family and police found a dead body which was James lied down on monster house bed.

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