.We are all familiar with
the name of Witch.In our childhood we heard the different type of Witch story.Is there really is Witch.We know about with is a very old aged women. An ugly old women , a women who practices black magic.Some time they stole little child and killed them to get blood. Yes it is true ,Witch lived in our universe.In 1950, Europe  many black magic women are kill by fire burning  known as Witch. Now I am going to tell you all a real story of Witch, this story I have heard from my elder Brother

In 2000 Liverpool ,England . My brother was an officer of his software developer company.Many times he has to go out-of-town

at mid night. One night story he has to go out of Liverpool city ,so he get ready to go midnight he was alone in his car.
He was the driver of his car.He drive the car full speed.Suddenly he saw a white colour thing stood in one  site of the road. When he got to much closed to the white things he saw an old women trying to cross the road.Unfortunately he hit the old women and the old women lied down under the car. My brother got to  much scared and tried to get out of the area.

After finished few distances my brother thought about the old women and got emotional.Then  Decided to go back to the area and find the old women. Then he moved back the car to the
accident area and started searching but he did not find the old women there. After few  minutes later he saw an old women sat under a tree.When my brother gets face to face  the old women

then the old women moved her face with much anger and shout loudly and got invisible.After this horror incident my brother felt too much ill and became senseless.The next day morning  villagers take him to the nearest hospital. 

After getting well my brother told me what happened with him on that black night .When the old women moved her face she

was  too much horror on my brother's language  - owl like her face was too much grim, very old ugly face,hair was tangle,her eye's was too much big and bloody red.Many cut steps on her face and a lots of hole in her face.A ugly smell like dead body had come from her body and wearing a cheap clothes.It was to much horror that I have never seen in my life before.

In my life I have never seen Witch before, and do not want to face it because every one afraid to death  and I also.But Once when I was crossing the Liverpool road then I ask my driver about street Witch on this highway and he told me that yes, it is true it's just not only me , many people who cross the road knew about the street Witch.Who cross the road at midnight.

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