In our universe we have lots of exiting things.But we do not know much more about this. In our childhood  we  heard  the name of Witch,ghost ,monster,bad soul or evil dead  but we do not heard much the name of zombie.

About Zombie.Today I will told about Zombie.So what is zombie?. My answer is zombie is the dead soul or  dead body which return back to our universe after dead.When we dead our body and our soul left the love of world but a life of zombie start after dead.They came back to world for revenge.And start their zombie life. Now here I show you  a video of a zombie baby.Saw it and believe it or not.A lot of interesting story we heard about zombie that zombie cam to revenge and a zombie kill his target and then gets a normally dead.Another story is in Russia  in eighteenth century at midnight many people saw  a family of zombie.We heard many interesting things about zombie, that  things is that the zombie never walk in front of sun, they came to revenge, the zombie do their all work at night,many time the zombie kill man and eat them .Most often the zombie were found in village near rural area or no man zone.In my real life I have never been face any zombie but i believe on the zombie because I heard  a lot's of real story of zombie from my mother,friends,granny and  from my wife.And it is all the story are true because they know much more about zombie and some years ago my granny faced a zombie in her village. So believe it or not ?


 We heard the name of zombie. zombie means the dead body which return back alive after dead.Before  we watch many movies like zombie. the name of Movies are residence evil, long turn, house of dead, zombie land etc. All the movies created by inspiring the zombie. Zombie the dead soul return back after dead. Now no more talk about zombie. Now I am going to show you a prove picture of zombie . Watch it carefully hope you all get surprise by watching this picture.  Oh one interesting matter zombie is  or not but it is true a zombie hunter arrest by police .So watch picture of this zombie hunter.In my next post i will show you a prove of it.
Thank you all. Stay tuned.

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