Real Live Zombies
Andrea Fernandez a young healthy women.Mother of two little child .Her child study on a school near his city where she lived with her happy family .Her husband is a business man.Totally Andrea Fernandez and her husband have a happy family at all. Recently Andrea Fernandez gave birth her second child .Her family and husband became too much happy about their new gift a little cute child .Now Andrea Fernandez new-born child is to small to know that what will happen with him .She is a house wife and do many kind of social activities. Andrea Fernandez was on a bus in city, Colombia, holding her newborn son . 3 days later she was picked up by police walking topless with in the road, criticism herself, no child , "When I awoke within the hospital, I asked for my baby and no-one same one factor. they merely verified U.S state."  Believe that  sadly, Andrea Fernandez's  loving son was seized by bad  human traffickers badly.''
According to Colombian hospital Personnel, this happens to many folks every month. The U.S. State Department's travel advisories for Republic of South American country warn tourists to appear at that criminals during this unit of country , "using this unailing to disabling medication  quick to incapacitate the tourists et al.. At bars, restaurants, and fully completely different public areas, perpetrators may provide tainted drinks, gum or cigarettes. Typically, victims because Unconscious or disoriented , and unit therefore at risk of thieving, regulatory offense, and fully completely different crimes. Avoid departure food or drinks unattended at a bar or building, and be suspicious if an alien offers you one issue to  drink or eat . " Disabling their drug of choice ? Scopolamine : eventless and tasteless, it's slipped into drinks and wet onto food. hyoscine is  distilled from the borrachero tree into a durable compound drug that, legend has it, caused the wives and slaves of fallen chieftains to permit themselves to be buried alive.

Today, in what's delineate as a zombie state, very vulnerable victims facilitate thieves to rob their homes, steal their cash, even take their youngsters, ne'er basic operation a component. in keeping with Reuters, associate embassy official recalled the case of associate yank that had intoxicated and robbed, "He says to his porter 'Why did you allow them to steer out with my stuff.' The porter says, 'Because you told American state to .

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