Before we heard the name of Witch ,ghost,zombie baby but ever we have heard the name of ghost baby.Now  I will tell you a real ghost baby story. It is a real  ghost story and I have many proved of this Gothic story .So let carry on to get another real ghost baby story. 


In  September 1999  Chittagong, Bangladesh. It was a rural area. Near the forest a cottage. Reason of village site it was too much cold and foggy. A winter evening. Tani's mother trying to light the mud stove in her cottage. She would be made some cakes. She wears a cheap blanket. Her daughter Tani sat with her mother .Tani asked '' Mother how much time it would be ready .Mother replied '' in a few minutes , I will call you later '' .Then Tani stood up and go away from the kitchen . After 20 minutes  later Tani's mother prepared cakes  and sauces and  put it in the pot. Suddenly she  saw that her daughter Tani stood in front of her. Tani's Mother said '' I did not noticed that when you came'' . Tani replied ''right now mom,let gave me some cakes i am too much hungry ''. And then Tani  start eating the cakes . Long time there were no talk between they two[mother and Tani]  . After few minutes later mother said Tani go outsides and pick up the pickle, but Tani silent. Few seconds later Tani back to kitchen with 

pickle , and started eat the cakes by gobbling. Tani's mother thought that she could not hear the sound of Tani's feet when Tani got out of  the cottage. After few time Tani,s mother noticed that the pot which is full filled with lot's of cakes being half  in few minutes and all the cakes have eaten by Tani. She felt strange and looked at Tani and saw that Tani,s feet faced the back end.Then she understood that is not her child Tani  that would a baby of ghost.On that time Tani,s mother got much scared. But she was very courageous women.Because the women who lived in rural area on village become too much courageous. Then she took the fire and threw it on the face of baby ghost.When baby ghost got the fire and burned it shouts loudly and got lost. Next day morning the villagers discovered a  dead body of a black cat   in front  of the cottage and  they  buried it.  It was a real story and this story collected from true events. Many people watch and know about this   ghost baby incident and it is the talk of the town in this Gothic rural area.                        

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