Name:Paul Levesque
Wrestle Name:Triple H
Birth:1969 in Hampshire ,England
Family:Wife And Two Daughter


Paul Levesque was born on Gregorian calendar month twenty seven, 1969 in New Hampshire. At the age of fourteen, Triple H got concerned in exercising. He was wise of Killer Kowalski’s faculty by his total partner, Ted Arcidi. plug-ugly had a quick wrestling career and was at just the once the bench press record owner. Triple H is trained by former wrestler  Killer Kowalski and created his professional debut in 1992. He's presently married to Stephanie McMahon and is that the in-law of

Vince McMahon WCW

Triple H started his career as Terra Ryzing. once a quick run within the indies, he created it to WCW. He didn't wrestle a lot of on TV and was solely in one PPV match underneath  Jean Paul LeVesque his new gimmick. He signed with the WWF in spite of getting to figure a lot of dates for fewer cash.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley

In Apr 1995, he created his WWF debut as Hunter Hearst Helmsley. His gimmick was being a fashionable snot from Connecticut. He quickly developed a friendly relationship with
The camp. He was a part of the ill-famed seasoning thanks (broke kay-fabe by celebrating within the ring together with his enemies

Kevin Ogden Nash and Scott Hall). All the warmth from the incident fell on him and he was chastised by not winning the 1996 King of the Ring. In his place, Steve capital of Texas won the tournament and created his ill-famed capital of Texas 3:16 speech that night.


The penalisation is Over

By the tip of 1996, Triple H was the intercontinental  Champion. In 1997, he shaped D-Generation X with choreographer Michaels and his ultimate girlfriend Chyna. once choreographer retired, he became the leader of the cluster that currently enclosed Billy Gunn, the Road Dogg, and X-Pac. The cluster was famous for his  actions.  In 1998 Triple H suffered from a knee injury  and once he came, he left the cluster and joined the Corporation.

The McMahon-Helmsley Era

In the fall of 1999, Triple H became the WWE Champion. His 1st feud was with Vince McMahon and in a very surprise move he married Stephanie McMahon. Their cluster ran roughshod over the WWE for many months. In 2001, he shaped the 2 man control with Steve capital of Texas. Throughout a tag team match, HHH have suffered a torn quad. against the pain, the  game [HHH] continued  the game . He had to miss 9 months of action thanks to the injury.


The Triumphant Return

He came to the ring at the Royal Rumble and won the WWE title from Chris hamlet at WrestleMania eighteen. a couple of months later, the complete split occurred and he was topped the primary World Heavyweight Champion. On Gregorian calendar month twenty five, 2003, he married Stephanie McMahon in world.


Evolution & D-Generation X

In Gregorian calendar month 2003, Triple H diode a replacement cluster referred to as Evolution. the opposite members were Ric

aptitude, Batista, and ruttish Orton. The cluster controlled RAW for pretty much 2 years before Triple H had turned on all its members one by one. In 2004, he wrote a fitness book referred to as creating the sport. In 2006, Triple H reunited with choreographer Michaels as D-Generation X and their 1st feud was with Vince McMahon.

WWF/E Title History

WWE Title

8/23/99 - group
9/26/99 Unforgiven - won vacant title within the six Pack Challenge conjointly that includes The Rock, Davey Boy Smith, Kane, Mankind, & the massive Show
1/3/00 - the massive Show
5/21/00 end of the world - The Rock
3/17/02 WrestleMania eighteen - Chris hamlet
10/7/07 No Mercy - ruttish Orton
4/27/08 Backlash - beat Champion ruttish Orton, John Cena, and JBL
2/15/09 No resolution - beat Champion Edge, Undertaker, Big Show, Jeff Hardy, & Vladimir Kozlov in Associate in Nursing Elimination Chamber Match

World Heavyweight Championship


9/2/02 - 1st champion by order of Eric Bischoff
12/15/02 Armageddon - choreographer Michaels
12/14/03 Armageddon - Reuben Lucius Goldberg
9/12/04 Unforgiven - ruttish Orton
1/9/05 New Years Revolution - won vacant title in Elimination Chamber match conjointly that includes ruttish Orton, Batista, Chris hamlet, Edge, & Chris Benoit

World Tag Team Title

4/29/01 Backlash - with Steve capital of Texas beat Kane & The trained worker

Unified Tag Team Championship
12/13/09 attention - with choreographer Michaels beat huge Show & Chris hamlet in a very attention Match

Intercontinental Championship

10/21/96 - brandy Mero
10/30/98 SummerSlam ninety eight - The Rock
4/5/01 - Chris hamlet
4/16/01 - Jeff Hardy
10/20/02 No Mercy - Kane (title was retired for many years once this match)

European Title

12/22/97 - choreographer Michaels

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