NAME: Dwayne Johnson

OCCUPATION:Wrestler, Film Actor, Athlete,

BIRTH DATE: would possibly 02, 1972

 Age: 41

EDUCATION: University of Miami

PLACE OF BIRTH: Hayward, California

Full Name: Dwayne author Arnold pol Johnson

Nickname: The Rock


Best famous For

Dwayne Johnson became a role player (2001's The Mummy) once gaining fame with the world Wrestling Federation as "The Rock."

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was born into AN professional wrestling family in 1972. AN injury terminated his college football game career, therefore he entered the ring with the Word Wrestling Federation. As "The Rock," he splendidly feuded with individual Steve capital of Lone-Star State and won the WWF Heavyweight title six year. Johnson parlayed his wrestling fame into a motion picture career, showing in 2001's the mother and 2010's faerie.

Early Life

Professional individual and actor Dwayne "The Rock" author Arnold pol Johnson was born on would possibly a try of, 1972, in Hayward, California. The offspring of versatile individual Peter

"High Chief" Fanene Maivia and son of individual Rocky Johnson, the young Johnson grew up observation his father perform at intervals the ring. but with no plans to follow in his footsteps, Johnson vie college football game at the University of Miami where he had nice success until a back injury worth him a spot at intervals the NFL.

The Rock

With few prospects in field game, Johnson turned to wrestling, debuting at intervals the WWF against the borough belligerent in Lone-Star State. once a couple of further matches, also as a tag team win with Bart Sawyer, the WWF signed him beneath the name Flex Kavana. A year later, he joined the state of Domination, eventually interesting its leadership and business himself The Rock.

He later joined another band of elite wrestlers said because the Corporation and commenced a notorious feud with Steve capital of Lone-Star State. to boot said as "The Peoples Champ The Rock ,"   He is the  1st wrestler ever in history to  have  WWF championship belt for seven times.

Acting Career

Outside the ring, The Rock has transitioned into film, dropping the nom American state guerre and simply going by

Dwayne Johnson. He has created appearances in several films, also because the Scorpion King, 2005's Be Cool, and 2007's the game found out. 2001's the ghost film mummy Returns, 2002's in one in every of the blockbuster motion picture on this year.

He married his Gymnasium sweetheart, Dany Garcia, in 1997 (divorced in 2007); they have one baby girl, Simone Alexandra.

He turned face and have become known  as " The  People Champ ". He retired  from wrestling in 2002 after beaten by Brock

Lesnar in year of 2002 in Wrestlemania.From Wrestling to film his look within the Mummy Returns (2001). He came back in 2001 throughout the WCW/ECW invasion wherever he joined a team of WWE wrestlers at The Scorpion King (2002), a prequel to the mummy Returns (2001). he's unmarried from his 1st married woman Dany Garcia (Garcia). they need a female offspring along the name of kid is Simone Alexandra, birth on year of 2001.

The Rock is the first  man who have won seven time WWE World Champion in history.

The Rock is  the person who  hit "Stone Cold Stunner"  fighting against  the royal snake 3.16  Stone Cold Steve Austin  capital of Texas (Steve Austin) at Wrestlemania XV.

His favorite brow trademark (not together with his own) is comic Marx's.

Former WWF Tag Team Champion (with humankind (Mick Foley) in "The Rock 'n Sock Connection").

Was a member of Miami's NCAA national championship soccer lcub team in 1991. Later in his career the rock compete as like Warren Sapp's backup at defensive tackle.

Return Back

Recently  the rock back into the wrestling in wwe year

2013 and fight against WWE super star john cena.The rock won the match and went back to home for ever.

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