Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth President of the united States of America.He is chiefly remembered for getting rid of slavery and for unting the states of America.


Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 on a small farm in Kentucky.He came from a humble background . His father was a farmer.When Abraham Lincoln was eight years old , his father decided to move further westr..The whole family took all their possessions with hem and arrived in indiana place , which was the  state with wild  forests. Novice Abraham learn how to use an axe and he spent a lot of time working in the forest .At fist ,he had to help his father to build a house out of logs.Then they had to clear for planting the  crops.Their important main  chief crop was corn.


When Abraham Lincoln was a lad of sixteen ,He heard that a person living near their house had a book on the life of George Washington.;He was Very intersted in reading it and he begged the owner of the book to lend it to him for few days.Abraham was given the book , but unfortunately for him,a day later rain soaked through Abraham;s log cabin and spoiled  the rare book.The poor lad  became very upset if he did not have the money to buy another book and return it to the owner.So he went to the man’s farm and offered his free service till the cost of the book was made up.The farmer was so impressed to he young boy’s sincerity that when finally Abraham had worked hard enough to make up for the cost of the book, the farmer presented him with the volume.One day Abraham heard the speech of a famous lawyer; Abraham was so delighted that he decide that he , too,would become a lawyer.


 At the age of 25, Lincoln was elected to the legislature of Illinois state.This legislaure was a meeting place where the laws of the state were decided; members of the lgislature were elected or chosen by the people of state. Thirteen years later Lincoln won a seat in he congress which was the highest assembly in the country. Lincoln was such a good speaker that he soon became very popular.Lincoln was elected president of the u.s.a in 1860 and soon after this , the Civil War started.


The chief reason for the war was he quarrel about slaves. People in the northern states were opposed to slavery;people in the southern states needed the slaves to work on their cotton plantations.This became the main reason for the quarrel between the North and South.In 1862, while the war was going on ,Abraham made the most important announcement.As president he declared that from that time onwards all slaves would be freemen. The next year the northern armies wn a graet victory at a place called Gettysburg.When the man who died at Gettysburg were being buried ,Lincoln made a speech. The last sentences of his speech has become famous throughout the world, especially in countries where people think that freedom is important.


Abraham was so popular that he elected president for he second time.One night, when everybody in washing ton was very happy that he war was over and that peace had been declared, Lincoln took his wife to the theater.Suddenly, without any warning ,a half mad man ,John Wilkes Booth,appeared was mourned by he all people of America.They had hope that he continue to lead them for many years and they were shocked at his death.
Abraham Lincoln personified the values of honesty ,integrity,respect for human rights and freedom.

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