Birth Name : Barack Hussein Obama II

Name: Barack Obama

Nick name: Barry ,Bama ,Rock


Birth:  Born in Honolulu on August 4, 1961. Kenya

Family: Wife and Two Daughter

Height:     6' 1" (1.85 m)

Barack Hussein

Barak Omaba is the last president of united states.He won the president place by losing the former president GeorgeBush. Barack Hussein Obama is the real name of Barak Obama. He is from muslim Family.He was born in kenya in August 4, 1961in Honolulu place. Obama’s parents had got love marriage.The name of Barak’s father is Barack Hussein Obama I who is from the Kenya the rural place of Africa country.And his mother from  white American  Ann Dunham. They meet with each other when they were college students at the Hawaii University.Later Obama’s  parents seperated.and get back to Kenya. Senior Obama died by a car accident in 1982.

After remarrying an Indonesian man, Lolo Soetoro, Obama’ s mothr  moved with her young son to Jakarta in the  1960s, where Anna  worked  at the U.S. embassy. In 1970, Barak  returned to kenya Hawaii to live with his maternal grandparents. He restarted his study in the Punahou School. After few years later obama got admission on to Occidental college. After  past two years at the Occidental College in Los Angeles, Barak Obama  transferred  to Columbia University in New York , from which Barak obama complete  graduation in 1983 with a degree in political science.


 In this season Barak Obama tried to prove himself as a real life legend like George Washington and former united states president Abraham Lincoln.In 1990, Barak became the first Afro American to be selected president of the Harvard Law Review in the 104 years of its history. Barak Obama complete Graduation from

Harvard magna cum laude since in 1991 and then he joined the Chicago law firm of Miner, Galland and Barnhill   as a civil rights lawyer. Barak Obama also taught the constitutional law at the University of Chicago law school. In year of  1992, Obama married his girlfriend this time First lady Michelle Robinson, whom Obama  had met  with her while they  working as a summer associate at another Chicago law firm during the time of  law school. That that magical year, Barak Obama  led a drive that registered closely 150,000 black list voters for the upcoming 1992 presidential campaign, which won by former Amrican president  Bill Clinton.

Become President

in 2004 Obama was elective to the U.S. Senate as a Democrat, Illinois, and Barak Obama gained national attention by giving a rousing and well-received oratory at the Democratic National Convention in Beantown. In 2008 he ran for President, and despite having solely four years of national political expertise, he won. In January 2009, he was sworn in because the forty fourth President of the u. s., and therefore the 1st African-American ever elective thereto position. Obama was reelected to a second term in Nov 2012.

Recent life

United states president came from a poor family of kenya and he like to spend very simple life. Recent time he spent his free time with his family and playing his favourite gentleman game golf.recent Obama left smoking for his wife whom barak afraid a lot.His two daughter are school student and his wife is the fast lady of America.American president Barak Obama like peace and gentle life for this reason he is the first president who want to remove the war through muslims country.

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