REAL NAME:  Lee Jun Fan
BIRTH:  1940
HEIGHT: 5’7’’
FAMILY:  Wife And Son
AGE:  33
DEATH:  1973


World number one kung fu master Bruce Lee was born in 1940  in San Francisco's Chinatown Jackson Street Hospital when his father was on tour with chinese opera.Bruce was born on a dragon year. The name of Bruce father is, Li Hoi Cheun,  he was a comic actor with Hong Kong's Cantonese Opera. Bruce’s  mother Grace, was the daughter of a Chinese mother
 And Germany father.Bruce Lee’s nick name was Lee Jun Fan.Bruce Lee startrd his film career when he was just 3 month’s old. He acted in Golden Gate Girl film  as a baby girl .Then he was picked up to film industry by his father . In 1941, the Lees family  returned back to Hong Kong and settled in a second-story apartment in the district of Kowloon. When Bruce was 6 years old he acted in the film The Birth of Mankind. After this film  his next movie, My Son, Ah Cheun (at same age 6).After this couple of hits film bruce was famed by   "Little Dragon" nickname    given by  his loving sister.
Bruce was listed at St. Francis missionary school, wherever he was coaxed into getting into the 1958 Boxing Championships, a contest command amongst twelve city colleges. He knocked out 3 of his opponents within the initial spherical on the way to the

ultimate match against metropolis Elms, associate English boy from the rival King King of England college. Elms had been the ruling title holder for the previous 3 years. Bruce used quickness and martial arts defense to earn a 3rd spherical knockout. 1958 Boxing Champion wasn't the sole title Bruce command that year. associate accomplished dancer, he additionally won the Crown Colony ballroom dancing Championship.In 1959 Lee's mother sent lee to united states reason of his fighting with other boy's and police harassment.Bruce stay in united states and complete his education with his friends.

 Bruce Lee's Record salary

"Longstreet" (1971)    $2,000/episode
The Chinese Connection (1972) $7,500
"The Green Hornet" (1966)       $400/episode
Fists of Fury (1971)     $7,500
Enter The Dragon (1973)  $8500


This world’s greatest kung fu super star died  On July 20, 1973 in Hong Kong. When he was just 32 years old. The official reason of Bruce Lee‘s death was a brain  edema, this had been caused for too much dose of pain killer when he was taking for his back pain.After his death many wondering di0scuss about many interesting news about lee’s death.that many news paper post that the king of kung fo killed by his enemy or murdered by anyone. Other site many people claimed that  it was the work of 'Oni' (Japanese for Demons or evil spirits),while the others claimed that the Bruce was cursed. After this incident The theory of the 'Curse of Bruce Lee' carried over to the extremely unfortunate death of his son, Brandon Lee, who was shot and murdered during the filming of The Crow released (1994) in 1993.  After One month Bruce ’s death in  U.S.A  his last film “Enter the Dragon” came out in the U.S., eventually grossing over than $250 million.

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