Name: Michael Ted Shawn Hickenbottom

Wrestle name: Shawn Michael

Birth:   1965 in Chandler, Arizona

Family: Wife and children

Age: 48


Michael Ted Shawn Hickenbottom was born on Gregorian calendar month twenty two, 1965 at Williams Air Force  family in Chandler, Arizona from a military family, he affected again and again as an adolescent before finally subsiding in city, Texas. He was trained by Jose womanizer and created his professional debut in 1984. he's married to former Nitro lady Whisper and has 2 kids, Cameron and Cheyenne.


The hour Rockers

In 1986, Ted Shawn began to team with Marty Jannetty within the avoirdupois unit States space. They quickly affected to the AWA wherever they forthwith feuded with crony Rose and Doug Sommers. On January twenty seven, 1987, they won the tag team titles. In 1987, they were terribly concisely in WWE however were dismissed. They came to the AWA and regained the tag team titles. whereas there, he met Scott Hall.

The Rockers

In 1988, they came to WWE and were renamed the Rockers. Most of their matches featured them within the role of David against their Goliath sized opponents. Despite being one in all the highest WWF tag groups for many years they ne'er won the tag team titles.  Once they  beat the Hart Foundation for the titles however the match was ne'er televised thanks to the highest rope breaking.

The Heart Break Kid

In late 1991, the Rockers stone-broke up once Ted Shawn threw Marty through a flat solid window. many months later, Ted Shawn became  WWF intercontinental Champion. He would lose the title  belt against Marty Janetty however regain it with the assistance of his new bodyguard Diesel (former WCW champion Kevin Nash). Shawon was stripped of the title in late   year of 1993 for failing a steroids check. throughout this a part of his career, the Kliq was shaped.

The Kliq

In the mid-'90s, the WWF was controlled back stage by a gaggle referred to as the Kliq. The cluster was created of Ted Shawn, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, and Triple H. They were blessed for derailing many careers and seemed to have their best matches against one another. Members of the Kliq deny having this power. many wrestlers command such a grudge that once Hall entered ECW in 2000, he was thrown out of the room.

The childhood Dream and Lost Smiles

Shawn became WWF Champion by beating Bret Hart at WrestleMania twelve. it's been debated that once it came time to come the opt to Bret consequent year, he quit instead of love. He claims that a doctor told him he required to retire thanks to a knee injury. during a televised speech, he aforementioned he lost his smile and vacated the title. He came many months later and shaped D-Generation X with Triple H and Chyna.

Montreal and a nasty Back

Behind the scenes, the strain between Ted Shawn & Bret was at a brink. within the most talked concerning match ever, Ted Shawn beat Bret in what's referred to as The urban center Screwjob at Survivor Series ninety seven. when winning the facility struggle, Ted Shawn disabled his back at Royal Rumble ninety eight once he landed on the Undertaker’s coffin the incorrect means. His next and final match occurred at WrestleMania fourteen once he lost the title Steve capital of Texas.

The Return

In his time faraway from the ring, he was concisely Associate in Nursing on air commissioner and trained many wrestlers, as well as Matt Bentley and Spanky. He additionally became a born once more Christian. Ted Shawn came to the ring at SummerSlam 2002 and feuded with Triple H. This feud has gone on for many years and has resulted in a number of the most effective matches of his career. additionally to feuding with Triple H, he has additionally feuded with Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan. In 2006, Ted Shawn and Triple H reformed D-Generation X.

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