REAL NAME: Chan Kong-sang
FILM NAME: Jackie Chan
Date of Birth:  7th April 1954 in Hong Kong
 SIGN: Aries
AGE: 59
HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.74m)
FAMILY: Wife ,Daughter and Son


 Film star  Chan Kong-sang  was born in japan in Hong  Kong on 7th April 1954. His real  named Chan Kong Sang.But he is too much famous with his acting name Jackie Chan.The name of jackie chan's parents is
Chan -Lee and Charles Chan, who emigrated to Canberra ,placed  Australia in  year 1960
as refugees from the Civil War of Chin. Prior to leaving China,  Charles and Lee-Lee  had worked
as a butler  and maid , for the ambassador of French  in Hong Kong.


Jackie changed his name, as all students (at the opera house) did, to Yeun Lau in respect for his teacher.
At the young age 7 Jackie Chan   was sold bye his parents to a Chinese opera house.

At the opera house Jackie Chan learned many  special things like  martial arts and how to protect himself from enemy..
The people who ran it were quite brutal. After when Jackie Chan spent ten years at the opera house he left .Then Jackie Chan himself changed his own name to show respect like all other stuent did to Yeun Lau in respect for his teacher.


At  the age of 17 jackie chan statr his acting career wih a very risky pfofession known as stunt man.Jackie Chan worked in many
movies as a stunt man of then time king of kung fu Bruce Lee. After playing stunt man role in few movies Jackie start to acting in movie. But most of his film being flop and claimed that he tried to copy the king of fighter the Bruce Lee. In the early 18  Jackie  tried to make picturise few big amount movie  in the United State
of America  by making movies in here, but        Jackie once again flop. They were all flops because he was (or the directors) trying too much to be like the Holly wood  action movie star, which as you probally know is not  jackie chan’s style.Jackie Chan married wih his lover which was Jackie’s one time girl friend . In Outer life Jackie Chan have a happy family wth his wife  son and only daughter.


In 1994, MTV honored Chan with a lifetime achievement award for his action-oriented movies,
In Febuary of 1996 Jackie released "Rumble in the Bronx, which this amazing  film
first week top the box office with a weekend gross of $11 million.His film “RUSH HOUR” hits all over the world and Jackie released it in america also. This film and it’s sequel earn  $25 million and it is a hisory.Jackie’s another film released in hong kong named “ shanghai moon” is another hit movie in his acting career.This few film take him the place which The king of fighter Bruce lee left.Jackie never used any stunt man in his movie. He take all the risk and did i all  by himself.For this reason many time Jackie went to hospital when he was acting in a movie reason of serious injury. All of this type reality acting now jackie have lot’s of fan all over the world.Now jackie is the world’s number one action kung fu hero known after died of Bruce Lee.He is too uch famous for his own kung fu style and rwal stunt without ant stunt man in his film.Jackie Chan is the number one  and only actor who have taken most money for acting in any film. Jackie Chan got the Best Actor award Full Blossom Film Festival  in 2005 and  14th China's Golden Rooster for his role in NEW POLICE STORY (2004).


Do you know that Jackie Chan worked in a same film with Bruce Lee .Yes it is true . Jackie  Chan played  a junior artist role in the
‘’ENTER THE DRAGON’’ film but he was not recognized reason of then time famous actor Bruce LEE played the lead role. 
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