Road to star

After death of his  mother Tyson tried to him in professional boxing. After work hard three years he prepared himself as a professional boxer. Finally he was proper trained by great trainer   D'Amato . In one interview Mike Tyson declare that they to had a great relaton like a father and son .They both two are more than a  trainer and boxer.In year 1985 Mike Tyson in March 6 Mike Tyson made his dream debut against Hector  Mercedes in Albany, New York . In just one round 18 years Teen age Mike Tyson knockout Hector  Mercedes.In this fight Mike shows his fists and magical final punch.After this match Mike Tyson earned‘’Iron Man’’ nick name.
Get his dream

In 1986 Mike had a new record in world boxing that won 22-0 record  of them 21 of the fights Mike Tyson won by knockout.In this same year Michael full fill his dream and become the World Boxing Council heavyweight champion.In this high voltage heavyweight match Mike Tyson once again knockout the oppenent former heavyweight champion  TrevorBerbick in just second round.Mike Tyson achieve this record at just twenty years and four months. Mike  beat  Patterson's record,and became  the new youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history for ever. On First August 1 Mike Tyson became the first heavyweight to own all three major boxing belts.It was another record for this boxing king.

Rapist Mike

Hope you know that mike Tyson was arrested many time in his childhood when he was in Brooklyn city.But do you know that After being famous boxer once more time this angry boxer arrested by police for a rape case.Since 1991 in Washington city,  a Miss Black America beauty candidate, charged of rape that MIke Tyson raped her in an Indianapolis hotel room. After that incident Mike Tyson declared for his guilty activities and he was arrested, suffered, served and convicted  three years in prison.


When Mike was a star boxer and a icon of lot’s of boxer and fans , Mike made his first marriage.His first wife's name is
Robin Givens.
They marred at 7 February 1988 - and get divorced in  14 February in a valentine’s day 1989) .After this marriage mike take a big gap to another marriage he took 8 years to change himself to prepared for next marriage. After that Tyson  married
Monica Turner(19 April 1997 – and divorced in 13 January 2003) from this family Tyson has two  2 children. Last After announced retired from world boxing. Mike Tyson married to his new girl friend Lakiha Spice .This married is till now still .And in this time Tyson has two more children from Lakhia Spice.

Biting Ear

In 1995,Mike Tyson released from jail,  Mike Tyson returned to boxing. After 2 easy bouts, Mike Tyson  lost a WBA-title high voltage  fight against the giant boxer   Holyfield. The  reset match, set up for June 28, 1997  became one of the most biggest controversial  events in heavy weight boxing, on that match  aggravated  Mike bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear. After that  the second incident of ear-biting in the boxing  match,  the fight was stopped  by referee and  at the end of the third round, mike Tyson was  disqualified for his unplayable activities.

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