REAL NAME: Cassius Marcellus Clay
BOXING NAME: Mohammad Ali
BIRTH: 17 January 1942 in Kentucky ,Louisville 
AGE: 71
FAMILY:Wife And Daughter


 Casias Clay is one of the greatest and most famous boxers of all time.He was the world’s number one boxer of his time.He defeated  many world heavy weight boxer like joe frezier, Jerry Quarry   and Ken Norton . Casias Clay was his birth name but After wining a heavy weight championship he changed his name and relegion and become Muslim.Then Casias Clay intrduced with a new name Mohammad Ali.


Cassius Marcellus Clay  [Muhammad Ali] was born  on 17 January 1942 in Louisville, America in Kentucky.His father name is senior cassius clay and mother name is  Oddesa Grady Clay.Mohammad Ali Start his child hood from a poor family.But Ali’s parent’s love him more than their life. They never took away Ali from their eyes.Ali’s father Casias Clay was a muralist and his mother Odessa Clay worked as a cook and  housecleaner . After  years later  of  Muhammad Ali was born, Ali’s mother birth  another son , named Rudolph .Nick name Ruddy


Mohammad Ali [Casias Clay ] Started his boxing career in a early age.When Ali start his Boxing career then he was just twelve years old.  Before Mohammad Ali  turning  boxing  to his professional, Ali won  many numerous amateur boxing  titles and achieved an outstanding record of boxing of 100 wins to 5 losses. In 5 September 1960, Clay  Participate into the Olympic ring and defeat  Polish popular boxer Zbigniew Pietrzykowski 5-0 to achieve the world light heavyweight gold medal.When Mohammad Ali defeated polish boxer Zbigniew pietrzykowski in olympic and started a new century of u.s.a boxing then he was just 18 years old. Then the America state get another hero of this time.


As once Muhammad Ali started fighting in sport , he complete that there things he may do to make attention for himself. for example, before fights, Ali would say things to stress his opponents. He would conjointly oft declare, "I am the best of all time!" typically before a fight, Ali would write poetry that will either known as the spherical his opponent would fall or boast of his own talents. Muhammad Ali's most notable line was once he started he was getting to "Float  like a butterfly , sting like a bee."
His theatrics worked. many of us paid to visualize Muhammad Ali's fights simply to visualize such a affortable  lose. In 1964 

till  the world  heavyweight champion, Charles "Sonny" Liston got fixed within the promotional material and united to fight Muhammad Ali.
On Feb twenty five, 1964, Muhammad Ali fought Liston for the heavyweight title in Miami, Florida. Liston tried for a fast knockout, however Ali was too quick to catch. By the seventh spherical, Liston was too exhausted, had hurt his shoulder, and was disquieted a few cut below his eye. Liston refused to continue the fight. After that King  of boxing  Ali had become the world heavyweight boxing champion of the globe.


In 1984, This greatest boxer Mohammad Ali was occard with Parkinson’s, a condition which disease  has been linked with  the trauma injuries to the head. Casias Clay  was presented with a replica of his lost  Olympic gold medal of  1960 when he lit the 1996 Olympic torch at the opening ceremony of   Olympic Games in Atlanta.

In 2005, Mohammad  Ali was awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom,This Medal is  the highest United States civilian honour, on same year Ali watch  the opening  of the non-profit Muhammad Ali Center in Kentucky , Louisville.

At the 2012 Olympic Games in London Ali was a named olympic  flag bearer. He was too ill to hold the flag, so ali just stood in front of the Olympic flag..


Now a days our worlds number one boxer is not very well. He became very ill reason of his parkinson disease and also reason of heavy old age.Few day’s ago he lost his one time friend and enemy Joe Frezier and After that one week ago he left his another boxing friend Ken Norton .Now Mohammad Ali spent a normal life wife his 4th wife and his boxer Daughter Laila Ali.Let’s pray for the great Boxer.  
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