NAME : Sunny Leone
REAL NAME :  Karenjit Kaur Vohra
BIRTH:  13May 1981 ,Ontario, Canada,
FAMILY : Husband And Parents
AGE : 32
HEIGHT :    5' 4" (1.63 m)


Sunny Leon is a Bollywood superstar . And we know her much more than other actor because she worked before in Hollywood movies. Then she came to India and take part in Hollywood movies and succeed .Sunny Leone was born in  13May 1981 ,Ontario, Canada . She left her childhood in Canada . She is  from Sikh Punjabi parents. Sunny leon’s  father was born in Tibet and raised in Delhi . Sunny lost her mother who is from Himanchal pradesh  for ever in 2008.  As a  cute young girl, Sunny was very athletic and played  hockey with the street boys, and also playing ice skating  nearby frozen lake.Sunny family moved from Canada , Ontario to Southern California in 1996. In 1996 in southern california sunny started a new life for stardom.Reason of the family was Sikh, her parents log in  her in Catholic school as it was felt to be unsafe for her to go to public school. Sunny married with a another porn star named Daniel weber which was her boyfriend.


Sunny Leone lost her virginity in Catholic school .When she was 11 years old she kissed a boy . After then Sunny lost her total virginity to a basket ball player of another school.She do s.. with the basket ball player and started her unrelesed super s.. .When 

sunny did all of this nasty things then she was just 18 years old. To complete sunny’s Grand father dream sunny’s family left this place and moved to Fort Gratiot, then  Michigan,  after that to Lake Forest, placed in California. Sunny Leone completed her graduation in 1999 and enrolled in college.


Do you know that sunny leon start her career as a student

then,she first worked at a German bakery a Jiffy Lube, and
later a retirement firm and also a tax farm.At last she took toomuch fame with porn . And got too muchfamous as a porn star. Sunny shootedofpantyhose modeling for famous photographer Ed Fox. In 1999 after complete her high school graduation Sunny’S  friend told her she should try modeling - a natural choice for a young beauty and after that all this things are miracle for Sunny.


RECENT SUNNY LEONS REPLIED ‘’ My family loves ME and accepts ME for WHO i'm. No parent will stop fond his kid. I'm daddy's female person in his eyes. Of course, they do not wish me to continue [in po......phy], however I tell them my plans, what I'm doing and, most significantly, I tell them I'm happy and that is what they need most.
What gets me within the mood may be a man WHO is aware of what he is doing. there is nothing like somebody who is aware of the way to treat you, bit you and cause you to feel sensible.


Sunny start her Bollywood career in year on 2012 . Her first film is directed my Bollywood famous director Mahesh Bhat’s jism 2( 2nd part the 2003 film Jism starring Bipasha Basu) . Sunny did the lead heroine character in this film.After released this hit film Mahesh introducing sunny as a wild character . After work in jism 2 film sunny participate in reality show Big Boss . After work in jism 2 She accepted in Pooja Bhatt's production house
, Fish Eye Network and Leone's agent discussing the film further.[94] The 1st look of the film Jism 2 poster was released anticipating the actress entry in  BW. Jism 2 was released on  2012 ,August 3 .

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