Real Name:
Tamer Hosny Sherif Abbas Farghaly

 Star Name: Tamir Hosny

Birth: 16th August 1977 in Egypt ,Cariya

Sign: Leo

Favourite Colour: Deep Black , Light Blue And White

Hobby: Singing And Playing Soccer

Family: Wife And Daughter

First Film: Halet Hab

Age: 36


Tamir Hosny is a popular singer, composer, director, producer, lyricist, actor and novelist. Tamir started his qualified career since in 2002.Tamir Hosny A popolar name in correct time. Recently We have heard a top class hit song named ‘’ETMAAN’’ in his amazing voice.This world class song take him a historical place and being him the number one singer in this new  year among  [oman.Eran,Bahrain,Saudi,Kuwait,Katar]. Tamir Hosny is an  Egyptian pop star , where he has appeared on films,TV and is active writing and producing for other artists.Tamir Hosny also acted in a arabic movie.


WHEN Tamir Hosny seven years old his father devorced his wife.Then Tamir Become orphange.Tamir Hosny  has a  brother named Hussam Hosny. in Jordan and Syria 50,000 people attended in his concertsTo watch him and to hear his magical voice. His 1st single album released in 2000.He is also a gratuated.He completed his gratuation in october 6. Win The African Music Awards in London as a best singer in Africa on October 16, 2010. Jermaine Jackson Brother of Michael Jackson  presented the award to Tamir Hosny.Then  he Signed with Alam El Phan record in 2009. Tamir Hosny is also a Pepsi and Police sunglasses unicef.


Tamer Hosny  be a actor ,singer, lyricist, compose , director, producer and author. His inventive career began in2002. in depth enthusiasm, hard work, and fervor in terms of music and acting created him at

intervals five years the foremost promising celebrity/singer within the geographic region &Africa. That is why he was chosen to be

the most effective African creative person 2010 from Africa music awards and legend

of the century from new york music awards and therefore the initial Arab celebrity to advertise the far-famed Italian complete of fashion eye wear specs .His albums and films (both past and present) have achieved best sells and wills. His masterpiece in music is as if by magic wonderful. As a outstanding temperament, he was most popular to be the center East's ambassador for Operation Smile Int'l Organization since 2006. he's AN endorser of Pepsi, a widely known drinkable round the world. He was the "first Arab celebrity" to advertise the far-famed complete of fashion eye wear specs, "police, he's AN endorser of Vodafone, a widely known Communications network round the world. recently The international producer Josiah Quincy Jones "the gun dog of the legend archangel Jackson" chosen him to participate within the first international Arab charity operate "Bokra", In 2011 was handler Hosny first Drama series Adam that achieves highest views on TV and web The series was carrying the banner of national unity and respect for all religions and was chosen as Best series in 2011 in several surveys and handler Hosny was additionally chosen to be best Actor I drama 2011.


In Morocco   Tamer Hosny has met with Bassma Boussil where he had many concerts. Tamir Hosny found Bassma Boussil to be close to his personality.Then Tamir Hosny has fallen in love and his friends were became very surprised  because how easy it was.  Pop star Tamer Hosny has said in past that Tamir himself won't marry anyonewho is  form the modeling or entertainment industry.But he married a modeler. The wedding Of both two stars was kept secret by both families for three months. Until Bassma Boussil went to the States with Tamir hosny as his husband to be with him for a month and a half as he toured the country and recorded new songs. Rumors started to surface. Now a great news for Tamir’s all of fan’s  It’s A Girl! Tamer Hosny is One Happy Daddy.

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