George Washington.We heard this name a lot's of time .Because he was a great legend of his time and made a great  history of his own by his regular activities.George Washington was the first united state president.In our childhood time we saw many photo of George Washington in u.s.d.[united state dollar]. Reason of his legendness in England there create a palace type hotel named George Washington. The hotel was named  by the former America president  name.This hotel opened in 1904 in England.

In England,Hampshire

We heard the name of mount Washington hotel. it is opened in 1904.The name of the hotel was taken by the first u.s.a president name called George Washington. It is one of the big and famous hotel in England.The mount Washington hotel in Carroll.New hampshire is ,is reportedly home to several Spirits.Most notably ,the ghost of princess preferred the  comfort of  her own bed ,and the bed remains in room 314 to this day.
Paranormal investigation  crew TAPS were the  first crew  to conduct an investigation of the Mount Washington  hotel, and they discovered many unbelievable proof of  spirits manifestations.In this audio clip  crew TAPS were taken in the famed princess suite,lead  investigations jay  and Grant ask,asked ''princess,are you in here?'' and the immediate reply is ''of course, i am here ,where are you?''.

This is the proof of another ghost. which living in mount Washington hotel since in 1904. princess is dead but soul of princess is alive which moved around the hotel called mount Washington hotel.

In My word
While  in my childhood visiting the "Mount Washington Hotel"  placed in New Hampsire over  England Christmas the weekend, I took few rare photo's of this haunted hotel with my digital camera that left "orbs" floating all over the Mount Washington  Hotel . Does anyone know if  this nice place is such haunted? I tried a

lot  to load the photo's here on the message board, but I'm not able to  do that computer literate to do I that. If I could cut & past the picture in I could. I will email all of  you the photos if your interested in seeing the rare photo of this haunted hotel photos or help me post them here on the web site would be easier. HAPPY HAUNTING NEW YEAR!when I HAVE VISITED THIS HAUNTED HOTEL IT IS LOOKED LIKE VERY  MUCH HORROR TO MYSELF. It has also a very bad record to  died alive man in  the Mount Washington hotel room . Amazing matter is this that the all of the reason of causes death are  hart attack. So it is really a haunted and ghost hotel. So please be careful from it.

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