It was about 3:30 am at night. It was too much dark because of village site. That day was dark night too. Joni became to much scared , his lamp was to much dim. It will be light about half an hour. Joni became afraid because in a few minute ghost living tree will be seen. Few day,s ago robbers hijacked a man who had a lots of money. They hijacked everything that's why the man  was shouted loudly and the robbers cut,s the man,s head under a old tree .

7days later a villager was going to home at mid night near the tree. Under the curse tree the man saw a bloody dead body without head sat on tree. Then the villagers shout and ran away. From that day this tree is known as ghost tree. But to day Joni's fortune is bad because to day Joni is alone towards the  road . Now he could saw the ghost tree from the road . Just few steps.Suddenly a owl shouted loudly. Joni got to much nervous, and scared then Joni noticed that a shadow was following him and called him by his name . The sound came in front the ghost tree. Joni thought he might be in danger now . What will he do he could not
understand.'' Joni , Joni '' again called him from the ghost tree. Joni could not saw any one there.'' Joni please save me '' Joni got emotional.Then Joni got courage and looked behind the tree and shocked.He saw a man lied down bloody and the head of the man was divided into two sides.Face was to much horror or ugly.Said by Shrek voice '' save me Joni ,i am going to die ''Joni had no way '' save me god ''said and ran away throwing the lamp. He felt something cold in his feet.Joni looked in his feet and saw a  headless  body grab his leg and told '' don,t let me go Joni '' . Joni tried to moved his  leg hardy but nothing
else.Suddenly he saw the lamp was light around the tree.Then he caught the lamp and switch up the light then threw it on the face of the bloody headless ghost. After that incident Joni got to much afraid and became flat .        

The next day morning Joni discovered himself alive with bare body. The villagers was been watching him very keenly. From that day ghost tree was to much famous for his thrill. 



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