I'll give you some of mine. When I was a kid I used to live with 
my family in a small house. My dad worked while my mom stayed home with me. One day, I was laying in bed with my mom. I started falling asleep until I heard a girl playing with a ball in the hallway. I thought it was part of me falling into a dream so I ignored it. When I woke up my mom asked me if I heard something before I fell asleep. I said 'yeah, I heard a girl but I think I was dreaming.' She said oh. A few years ago she revealed to me she actually heard the little girl too, but she didn't feel she was a threat so she ignored it. When I was 6, I use to have a lot of nightmares about a demon wanting me to follow it, and I'd always wake up crying. In December of that year, my great grandma passed away and my parents said they'd often see my shadow in the hallway every night for a week and asked me why was I always standing there. I told them I swear that wasn't me and I thought I saw a shadow too but I ignored it. A few weeks later we got a call from our family that told us she'd passed away around the time we were seeing shadows. My mom said she was a really small lady and she was very religious and could perform exorcisms. So that explained the small shadows and my demon nightmares going away. Then when I was 9, I was laying on my bed and as I was about to get off, my leg was pulled into the air. I ran outside yelling for my mom. She came into my room and started getting extreme headaches.

When my grandpa passed away, I was in my room and all of a sudden the keyboard of my computer started shaking and typing by itself. When a family doctor passed away, the phones in my house were going off and being answered, even though they were disconnected and I was the only one in the house early that morning. Then when my sisters were watching tv later, the channel was changing by itself. I told them to stop messing with me and they swore that the remote was on the top shelf, they weren't doing anything. I went to go check and they were telling the truth. So yeah, those are some of my small ghost stories.
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