Name:Glen Jacobs 

Wrestle Name:Kane

Birth: In1968 ,Madrid Spain



Glen Jacobs was born on Gregorian calendar month twenty six, 1968, in Madrid ,Spanish capital national capital in Spain. He was trained by Ray Candy and Dean Malenko. He created his professional debut in either 1993 or 1994. The first a part of his career was married by atrocious gimmicks together with the Christmas Creature (a wrestling Christmas tree), Dr. patriarch Yankem DDS, and faux Diesel. Despite rumors and story lines, he's not associated with the skilled worker or Paul Bearer, ne'er married Lita, knew a Katie Vick, and solely vale Jacobs has compete the a part of Kane (with many exceptions that were later revealed).

 The Secret Revealed

After many months of threatening the skilled worker a few dark secret, Paul Bearer let the planet apprehend that skilled worker killed his family in a very hearth however his brother was still alive. At the primary Hell in a very Cell match, Kane created his debut by cost accounting skilled worker a match with Ted Shawn Michaels. skilled worker refused to fight Kane till he was burnt alive in a very coffin at Royal Rumble ninety eight.

The ne'er Ending Feud

Kane and Taker fought for the primary time at Wrestlemania fourteen. before this match, Kane attacked Pete Rose for the primary of three consecutive WrestleMania attacks on Pete. The Kane vs skilled worker feud has been on-and-off once more ever since. typically the skilled worker is that the individual and typically Kane is that the individual. they appear to show on each other and become friends once more on a daily basis.


What is Continuity?

When Kane appeared, he wore a mask and had sleeves to cover his disfigurement from the hearth. He additionally was unable to talk while not aid of a larynx. Today, Kane wrestles while not a mask or shirt on and may speak.

In late 2002, Triple H unconcealed that Kane dead his ex-girlfriend Katie Vick. many months later, Triple H beat Kane in a very match wherever he had to unmask. Kane went insane and commenced to line folks lit and even beat up MR McMan 's  wife LindaMcMahon. Then Shane McMahon, came to  rescue her  in one among the worst written feuds ever. Low lights enclosed Shane obtaining a lead-acid accumulator hooked up to his testicles and Kane falling into a burning container and being unmarked succeeding week.

A freakish Love Triangle

Lita slept with Kane to stay him from beating up her man Matt Hardy. He aroused obtaining her pregnant and won her hand in wedding by beating Matt. many weeks later, cistron Snitsky caused Lita to own a miscarriage. This event gave the impression to bring them nearer along, however Lita aroused being with Edge once details of their real-life relationship caused Matt Hardy to be dismissed.

Kane, the massive Show, and should 19

These giants were brought along by a Taboo Tues vote. That night they won the tag team titles. Combined, they're virtually fourteen feet tall and weigh near one,000 pounds. The tag team bust up as a result of Kane went insane once he detected the words could nineteen, that is that the unharness date of his 1st flick, See No Evil. That movie, whereas not a crucial success, has verified to be a billboard success.

ECW and World Heavyweight Champion in but a Minute

Prior to the beginning of WrestleMania XXIV, Kane won a melee that attained him Associate in Nursing ECW title shot at the event. He won the title from Chavo Guerrero within the shortest match in WrestleMania history. He lost the title many months later to Mark Henry in a very triple threat match that additionally enclosed the massive Show. His history of fast title victories was recurrent in 2010. At cash within the Bank 2010, he won a cash within the Bank ladder match and many hours later won the planet Heavyweight Championship from Rey Mysterio in a very match that additionally lasted but a moment.

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