Ever in my life I have been never seen any ghost.But  heard a lot's of real ghost story and after watching and knowing about this type of ghost stories truly  I really believe in ghost. If you get any real prove of ghost ; if your answer is  not so today i will show you a prove of ghost.By using a real photo of ghost which was taking by a British photographer in England in 1966 century.And after  read this story and watch this realghost photo I truly believe in ghost.... And hope also you to...

In 1966,retired Clyrgyman Rev . He is an old man who lived with his family. He is a British and lived in England . In 1966 he took a ghost picture which made him famous in whole England in a few seconds.Later the picture famous by named or much familiar with the name  of ''Tulip staircase''. The Clyrgyman Rev became famous for this ghost picture which  much familiar ''Tulip staircase'' named.   Ralph Hardly was talking a picture of the  spiral staircase in the Queens house section of the national  maritime  museum in Greenwich , England when he captured this image .Experts analyzed the original negative and verified that it had not been tampered with or manipulated  in any way.

This photo served as that the many ghostly encounters at the twice house were real ,slamming doors , Footsteps and the chanting voices of  little children are often  heard around the staircase .Visitors of the museum have ever been pinched by unseen fingers during their tour.

Full-body appropriations have seen many occasions;one

such apparition appears  to be mopping up blood from the bottom of the stairs.Historians says that 300 years ago a maid  was

thrown from the of the stairs and fell 50 feet to her death,which might  explain the ghostly clean up crew.


In Queen palace this photo is  not only the evidence.The 400 years old palace is creating with several other apparitions  and phantom footsteps even today.A Assistant said about this matter  when he saw one of the doors to the bridge room closed by it self .At first he thought it was one of the lecturers.''Then I saw a women glide across the balcony ,and pass through  the wall on the west balcony'' said '' I could not believe what I saw I get very cold and  hair on my arms and my neck stood on end ''. It was a real ghost story and I also show you all prove a photo of the ghost.So it is depend on you that you will be believe on ghost or not.


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