Then I was a 18 years old young boy and I lived with my family in New Jersey in Edison, I hang out at a shopping mall with my childhood friends. My all friends usually have a Gothic style in clothing along with me , but we had competitions on that who can run fastest or jump over the most of the people . on that time I was the fastest, and my friend  lawson  would challenge my skills in almost on  every aspect. Now, I know the limits of a normal human because I have been to  different schools and saw what people can and can't do. Such as I can jump over the hood of a car without touching it, but not the top of the whole car. I was messing around with Jared by seeing who can wall walk over the most people. We both did 6 or 7, but then out of nowhere, this guy in a ragged black trench coat looking about 23 or 25 years of age, white and about 5'11 with vampire fangs appeared. Since vampire teeth were common amongst our style, when I saw him with a pair, I knew he was a "mall hopper" or a mall junkie like us. He placed a bet on me and Jared beating us only in 1 try. We bet fifty dollar each, it seemed reasonable, so he got hired ten  people to lay down and he soared over them with two to spare. At last he win the bet and took the 50 dollar  cash  from us.

Now this is where it gets weird, I saw him leave shortly after, so I broke away from the enraged crowd and followed him to try to catch up with him, Myself  was on the 4th floor of a parking lot of the mall where I saw him jump down over the edge, I ran over to the ledge to see if he was ok, but he wasn't there. I was spooked but wanted to find him at the same time. It left a queasy feeling in my gut, and I'm not one to be car sick. I decided to go down a floor by the stairs and search for him. He wasn't on the floor. So I went down one more floor which means I'm now on the 2nd floor, and saw him at the other end of the lot where I just came from, near where the bet took place, but on the top floor. I jogged over to where he was and I swear before I got to him he looked at me and grinned with his eyes wide open. I felt my heart stop for a second with fear, why was this fearful to me? I still can't find out why today, maybe it was his long face structure that 

complemented his long slender teeth. It seared the edge of my mind. After the grin, he jumped again over the edge so I said to myself, I need to get to him but it's not going to be easy when I just got the  scared out of me by a grin. So I jumped over the edge, but on the way down I saw him go back into the lot, still on the first  floor from where we all friends  just jumped from. But as I rolled when I landed and I then  I tried to keep my eyes on that thing . Now this guy smoked me as if I was nothing and headed towards the mall to turn a corner to lose me and as I caught up, I was babbled by not seeing him when I turned the corner like 10 sec after he did. So in a motion of frustration, I looked up on him and got amazed by saw him climbing much quickly  over all the  edge Roof. Then I was somewhat sad at this point from fear and unbeliever of seeing  climb him all  over the edge of the roof and got away from my eye. It was the 1st time in my life I felt that scaring things  and I don't want to ever feel that scary moment feel again .
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