I have so many real live ghost stories. I have been exposed to the paranormal since my birth. I saw my first ghost at age 5 and it hasn't stopped yet.
I can relate to your story as well. My husband and I and our Godchildren had gone down in an old copper mine. We went down 500 feet and our guide told us to turn off our flashlights to see how dark it gets inside a mine that many feet down.
When we tried to turn the lights back on, only 2 of the 6 lights we had would turn on. It did not make it easy on any of us who had to lay on our frontsides to get to other parts of the mine. The whole time we were in there I could feel that we were being watched and it wasn't by another human being. As we were finally walking back up to leave the mine and we could actually see light at the end of the tunnel, the others got ahead of me and I just stopped walking for a minute and an icy chill went right through me and then someone lightly stroke the back of my long hair and I turned to see who it was and there was no one there. 

Needless to say I caught up with our group in record time and told the guide what had just happened to me and he said I was not the first person to tell him what had happened to me. He said it might have been the spirit of Hank and that Hank never hurt anyone, he just liked to feel their hair. 

My husband and I also live in a haunted house that is very active with many types of ghosts and spirits. I don't know what is going on in our house now as for the past 2 days there has been so much poltergeist activity. Having been around the paranormal all my life, I am not usually scared by it. I belong to a Paranormal Group and have had nice things happen to me and then I have had some that were not so nice. Actually I have been injured a couple of times by something that no one saw and also during these times I am always aware of where everyone in the group is and know that no one was close by enough to do anything to me which I know they would never do anyways. We are all trained at what we do and I love the investigations and don't ever want to see me not doing this.


A whole life experience having seen to many things that were not of this realm.
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