One night I awoke to the sound of little footsteps and the light sound of a child's voice. I went into my son's room, thinking it could be him, who woke up very early and was playing with his toys. I saw my little boy sleeping like an angel in his bed. Confused and tired, I assumed it was just my imagination playing tricks on me, and decided to go back to bed, because I had to go to work early that morning.
The next night I slept with my bedroom lamp on. I woke up during the night again, but this time hearing a child's voice whispering my name in my ear. "Sunny.." I heard it say. Startled, I woke up panting. I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water to cool me down when I see my beloved St.Bernard laying on the ground in a pool of blood. I dropped the glass that was in my hand and rushed over to my dog, Willyam. "Willyam!" I cried. Willyam got up and licked my face. There was no pool of blood, there was no knife marks in my poor Willyam's body. Everything was alright, or so I thought...

About 3 days later I heard a squealing noise in my kitchen.Thoughts were running through my mind... "My baby Ryan! My puppy Willyam! My husband Michael!" I rushed down the staircase, nearly tripping over one of Ryan's toy trucks. I look down at the floor, seeing my husband Michael, my baby Ryan and my dog Willyam all dead, lying on the ground. I look even closer and I see a note, reading, "Sorry, but turn around." I turned and the last thing I saw was a crowbar swinging at my head.
I was found the next day by my mother, Alyshia. Alyshia rushed me to the hospital. There I was taken care of. I looked out the window and I see some lunatic looking through the hospital window. "Sorry, but turn around!" He mouthed through the glass. I fainted.
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