Mother Teresa found men, women, and children dying on the streets , who were rejected by local hospitals. The group rented a room so that they could car for the helpless people who would otherwise have died a painful earth due to the negligence of society. The municipal authorities gave her a pilgrim hostel on her request, near the sacred temple of kali.

In 1952 . she established Nirmal Hriday , a hospice where the terminally ill could die  with dignity. Her order also opened numerous  centers  serving the blind, the aged, and the disabled. Under Mother Teresa’s guidance, the missionaries of charity built a leper colony, called  Shanti Nagar near Asansol.


In 1965, by granting a Decree of praise, pope Paul 6 granted Mother Teresa’s requested to expand her order started to grow rapidly, with new shelters opening al over the world. The order’s first house outside India was in Venezuela and others followed I Rome and Tanzania, and eventually in many counties in Asia , Africa and Europe, including Albania. In addition , the first missionaries of Charity home in the United States was established in south Bronx, New york.

In 1968,she was summoned to Rome to set up a home there, to be staffed with Indian nuns.In recognition of her apostle, she was honored  by the pope on 6 January 1971,with the first pope john peace prize.


In 1979, SHE received the Nobel peace prize for her humanitarian work. She accepted the nobel peace prize in the name of the 

‘unwanted, unloved and uncared for.

In her later years, Mother Teresa suffered ill health and hgad a heart attack in1989.In 1990 , sh resigned as head of the order but was returned to office by  a near unanimous vote. The lone vote against her was her own. Her to retire , and on 13th March 1997 , she stepped down from the head of missionaries of charity and the order chose sister Nirmala as successor .This Angel of Mercy died on 5September 1997, just 9 day’s after her 87th Birthday.

For her respect

At the time of Mother Teresa’s death the Missionaries of Charity, which had begun with only ten members, ha around 4’000 nuns and one million workers in 517 mission providing service in moe than 100 countries. Perhaps French president Jacques Chirac summed up her legacy best when h said after her death, ’this evening ,there is less love ,less compassion , less light in the world. ’With in two years of mother Teresa’s death, the process to declare her a saint started. She was beautiful on 19 October 2003,reacing  the ranks of the blessed in the shortest time in history of the church.

She had once said’ the other day I dreamt that I was at the gates of heaven… and St peter said , ‘Go back to Earth, there are no slums up here . ’Today , mankind requires many more like he to help the needy and the homeless.  

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