Car insurances means insurance of your private or other car. now I will go to give you a short description of it.

Mexican car insurance?

American insurance is valid in the U.S. and Canada only. If you are going over the border you need to stop off and buy Mexican insurance before crossing. U.S. car insurance says that it covers you up to 15 miles over the border, but U.S. insurance IS NOT recognized period over the border.

I've been told that if you get in an accident in Mexico, as a U.S. citizen you are pretty much in deep doo-doo. The police believe the Mexican citizen over you.

Also, don't drive a rented car over the border because no insurance company will replace it if you leave the country - even the expensive insurance through the rental car place.

Mexican car insurance is pretty reasonable, about $20 a day, depending on who you buy it from. Now know about worlds best top 10 car insurance company name-

1. Liberty Mutual
2. Ensurance 3. Allstate 4. State Farm 5. GEICO 6. Nationwide 7. Progressive 8. AAA 9. 21st Century Insurance 10. USAA


There are companies along the border that sell Mexican insurance. Your US insurance is only good up to 50 miles into Mexico, but I wouldn't risk it. Buy the insurance from an agency by the border

Some will tell you your insurance is good in border towns, but you would probably be safer in assuming it stops at the border. Ask your agent to get the right answer.

The Mexican authorities do not recognize or accept your current U.S. or Canadian Insurance policy. Here is a source of information.



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