The Aerospace Education Staff, National Headquarters, Civil Air Patrol, wants to thank all of those
people, too many to mention by name, who provided ideas, critical comments, suggestions and
hands-on help, during the long process of writing the Aerospace Dimensions textbook.
Special recognition is given to Ms. Saundra Carmical who gave us "Cappy", the cartoon mascot you
will see throughout all chapters of . Several technical illustrations were
Aerospace Dimensions
drawn by Mr. Seth Stewart and Mr. Dekker Zimmerman, Denver-based artist and aerospace history
expert. Final layout and design was the skilled work of Ms. Peggy Greenlee, Graphics Division,
NationalHeadquarters CAP.
The author would like to thank Mr. Tom Poberezny and Mr. Greg Anderson of the Experimental
Aircraft Association (EAA). Because of their generosity and desire to help Civil Air Patrol,
permission was granted to use nearly 200 color aircraft photographs in the production of
Dimensions Aerospace: The Journey of Flight textbooks
. Most of these superb air-to-air
photographs were taken by the EAA's "world class" photography staff. The photographers include
Mark Schaible, Jim Koepnick, DeKevin Thornton, Mike Steineke, Ted Koston, Phil High, Mike
Strook, Jim Busha, Donna Bushman, Bob Miller, Jeff Isom, Lee Ann Abrams, Mike Husar, Ken
Lichtenberg, Carl Schuppel, Frank Jackowiak, and Pete Schroeder.
Special thanks is also given to the EAA's Chuck Larsen, Director of Aviation Education and Judy
Rice, Director of the SMT Project, who were so cooperative in giving Civil Air Patrol "on-site"
assistance in the finalproduction of these textbooks.
Corporate assistance was appreciated, especially the help given by Ms. Karin Jones, of the Boeing
Company, Mr. Mike Rainey, Engineering Division of Cessna, and Mr. A.J. Lutz, of the San Diego
Aerospace Museum. They provided much-needed artwork and digital images for the new color
format of both textbooks.
Every new textbook, produced by the CivilAir Patrol'sAerospace Division is field tested.
is a cadet publication and it was tested by cadets. They read the material, reviewed the
study guide, answered all of the questions, and constructed all of the hands-on activities. Their
suggestions were taken into consideration and changes were made accordingly. The "pre-Mitchell"
group for units one and two of belonged to the Mustang Cadet Squadron,
Aerospace Dimensions
Denver, Colorado. They were Jacob Dickinson, Brittany Greer, Drew Harper, Courtney Herzog,
Whitney Millspaugh, Brett Penny, Ben Pettegrew, Amanda Powell, Shaughn Varnell and Richard
called themselves the !
Mustang Aces
Vaynshteyn. They
Published 2000
Allrights reserved. Printed in the United States of America.

This document was prepared for limited distribution by CivilAir Patrol. It may not be eproduced in
Headquarters, Maxwell AFB, AL
whole or in part without permission of CivilAir Patrol National

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