We live in a world where every segment of society is affected by aviation and space
technology. It is an established fact that America will remain a world leader only as long as we
have a strong aerospace program. The United States has always been at the leading edge of
aerospace technology and it is the desire of our national leaders to keep us at the front. If we
maintain aerospace supremacy, it may very well mean the ultimate survival of democracy and
the American way of life.
Shortly after World War II, CAP received its Congressional charter and it is one of the few
organizations that still promotes, and understands, aerospace education. The authority for
CAP's education and training is derived from Public Law 476, of the 79 Congress,
t h
2 Session, which was signed on 1 July, 1946. The law gave purpose and direction to CAP's
educational outreach. The challenge was "…
to provide an organization [that will] encourage
and aid American citizens in the contribution of their efforts, services and resources in the
development of aviation and in the maintenance of air supremacy…" aviation
and to provide "
education and training.
" That challenge still exists to this day!
Aerospace Education is defined as
that branch of general education concerned with
communicating knowledge, skills and attitudes about aerospace activities and the total impact
of air and space vehicles upon society.
This is a definition every cadet should memorize
because it tells us exactly why we study aerospace.
A CAP California Wing Cessna 182 faces an F-16 Fighting Falcon of the US Air Force's Thunderbird
flying squadron at the"Thunder Over the Empire Air Fest 2000" at March Air Reserve Base in

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