Early Movement: In 1948 a movement was initiated to form Bengali one in every of the state languages of Muslim Republic of Asian country. this might be termed the first stirrings of the movement for Associate in Nursing freelance People's Republic of People's Republic of Bangladesh. The demand for cultural freedom bit by bit LED to the demand for national independence. throughout that language movement sheik Mujib was arrested and sent to jail. throughout the blood-drenched language movement in 1952 he was all over again arrested and this time he provided inspiring leadership of the movement from inside the jail.

In 1954 sheik Mujib was electoral a member of the then Bangla Desh Assembly. He joined A K Fazlul Huq’s organization government as a result of the youngest minister. The ruling pack of Muslim Republic of Asian country shortly dissolved this government and Shiekh Mujib was another time thrown into jail. In 1955 he was electoral a member of the Muslim Republic of Asian country Constituent Assembly and was all over again created a minister once the Awami League formed the provincial government in 1956. shortly once General Ayub Khan staged a military coup in Muslim Republic of Asian country in 1958, sheik Mujib was arrested another time and style of cases were instituted against him. He was free once fourteen months in jail but was re-arrested in Feb 1962. In fact, he spent the foremost effective a region of his youth behind the jail bars.

Supreme Test: March seven, 1971 was daily of supreme take a glance at in his life. Nearly two million freedom dotty people assembled at the Ramna Race Course Maidan, later renamed Suhrawardy Uddyan, thereon day to concentrate to their leader’s command for the battle for liberation. The Pakistani pack was put together waiting to tempt him and to shoot down the parents on the plea of suppressing a revolt against the state. sheik Mujib spoke terribly} terribly thundering voice but in a very very masterful well-calculated restrained language. His historic declaration inside the meeting was: "Our struggle this time is for freedom. Our struggle this time is for the final independence." for To deny the hungry evil  soldier  of Pakistani military Associate in Nursing excuse for a stifling, he took care to position forward proposals for a solution of the crisis terribly} very constitutional manner and unbroken the door open for negotiations.
The stifling, however, did come back on Annunciation once the camp arrested sheik Mujib for the last time and whisked him away to West Pakistan for confinement for the whole amount of the liberation war. inside the name of suppressing a rebellion the Pakistani military unleash hell on the unarmed civilians throughout People's Republic of People's Republic of Bangladesh and perpetrated a race murder killing no however three million men, women and kids, raping women in several thousands and destroying property worth billions of Bangladeshi unit of measurement. Before their black defeat and surrender they, with the help of their native collaborators, killed an out sized vary of intellectuals, university popular professors, doctors,cricketers, journalists, architect and eminent persons of various professions. In following a scorch-earth policy they only concerning destroyed the complete of the country’s infrastructure. but might|they might|they may} not destroy the unconquerable spirit of the freedom fighters nor might they silence the thundering voice of the leader. Tape recordings of Bangabandhu sheik Mujib’s seventh March speech unbroken on inspiring his followers throughout the war.

Return and Rising: Forced by international pressure and thus the imperatives of its own domestic quandary, Muslim Republic of Asian country was obligated to unhitch sheik Mujib from its jail shortly once the liberation of People's Republic of People's Republic of Bangladesh and on 10 Gregorian calendar month 1972 the good leader came to his beloved land and his caressing nation.
But as he saw the plight of the country his heart bled and he knew that there would be no moment of rest for him. nearly the whole nation yet as concerning ten million people obtaining back from their refuge in Asian country had to be remodeled, the shattered economy needed to be replace on the rail, the

to be continue...
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