infrastructure had to be rehabilitated, millions had to be saved from starvation and law and order had to be restored. at an equivalent time, a replacement constitution had to be framed, a replacement parliament had to be electoral and democratic institutions had to be place in place. Any traditional mortal would break down beneath the pressure of such formidable tasks that needed to be addressed on prime priority basis. although simple inside, sheik Mujib was someone of cool nerves and of nice strength of mind. beneath his magnetic leadership the country shortly began moving on to the road to progress and so the parents found their long-cherished hopes and aspirations being bit by bit complete.

Assassination: but at this significant juncture, his life was cut back by a gaggle of anti-liberation reactionary forces international organization agency during a} very pre-dawn go fifteen August 1975 not entirely dead him but twenty 3 of his relations and shut associates. Even his 10 year recent son Russel’s life wasn't spared by the assassins. the only real survivors were his two daughters, sheik Hasina - presently the country’s Prime Minister - and her younger sister sheik Rehana, international organisation agency were then away on a visit to Federal Republic of European country. In killing the papa of the state, the conspirators ended a most marvelous chapter at intervals the history of People's Republic of People's Republic of Bangladesh but they could not end the great leader’s finest legacy- the rejuvenated Bengali nation. during a} very fitting tribute to his revered memory, this government has declared holiday of obligation as a result of the national mourning day. On at the instant every year the parents would be paying court to the memory of someone international organization agency became a legend in his won fundamental measure. Bangabandhu lives at intervals the guts of his people. People's Republic of People's Republic of Bangladesh and Bangabandhu unit of measurement one and indiscreate. People's Republic of People's Republic of Bangladesh was Bangabandhu sheik Mujibur Rahman’s vision and he fought and died for it.

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