The lifetime of Bangabandhu sheik Mujibur Rahman is that the heroic tale of an excellent leader turning peoplepower into Associate in Nursing armed struggle that liberated a nation and created the world’s ninth most inhabited state. The birth of the sovereign state of People's Republic of Bangladesh in Dec 1971, once a heroic war of 9 months against the Pakistani colonial rule, was the triumph of his religion within the destiny of his folks. sheik Mujib, adorably known as Bangabandhu or friend of People's Republic of Bangladesh, rose from the folks, wrought their hopes and aspirations into a dream and staked his life within the long battle for creating it real. He was a real democrat, and he used in his struggle for securing justice and fairplay for the Bengalees solely democratic and constitutional weapons till the last moment. it's no accident of history that in Associate in Nursing age of military coup d’etat and ‘strong men’, sheik Mujib earned power through elections Associate in Nursingd mass movement which in an age of decline of democracy he firmly established democracy in one among the smallest amount developed countries of Asia.
Sheikh Mujib was born on seventeen March 1920 in a very socio-economic class family at Tungipara in Gopalganj district. Standing five feet eleven inches, he was taller than the common Bengalee. Nothing happy him over being near the plenty, knowing their joys and sorrows and being a part of their travails and triumphs. He spoke their soft language however in articulating their sentiments his voice was too much powerful and scary. He never had n't been educated an abroad, nor he did  learn the art of activity feelings behind sophistry; nevertheless he was idolized the maximum amount by the urban educated because the common plenty of the villages. He galvanized the elite group and therefore the class alike. He did not, however, climb to leadership nightlong.

Early Political Life: His political life began as Associate in Nursing humble employee whereas he was still a student. He was lucky to return in early contact with such eminent personalities as Hussain martyr Suhrawardy and A K Fazlul Huq, each magnetic Chief Ministers of undivided Bengal. Adolescent Mujib grew up underneath the gathering gloom of stormy politics because the aging British rule in Asian nation was falling apart and therefore the Second warfare was violently rocking the most continents. Bongobandhu witnessed the all ravages of the war and therefore the stark realities of the nice famine of 1943 during which regarding 5 million folks lost their lives. The tragic plight of the folks underneath colonial rule turned young Mujib into a rebel.
This was conjointly the time once he saw the legendary revolutionary Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose difficult Brits rule. conjointly regarding this point he came to understand the works of physiologist Shaw, Karl Marx, Rabindranath Tagore and rebel writer Kazi Nazrul Islam. shortly once the partition of Asian nation in one947 it absolutely was felt that the creation of Islamic Republic of Pakistan with its 2 wings separated by a physical distance of regarding 1,200 miles was a great geographical monstrosity. The , political,economic, cultural and linguistic characters of the two wings were conjointly totally different. Keeping the 2 wings along underneath the forced bonds of one state structure within the name of non secular nationalism would simply lead to a rigid political management and economic exploitation of the japanese wing by the powerful western wing that controlled the country’s capital and its economic and military would possibly.

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